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Monday 24th June 2021

Sikh Sanjog meet The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge at Holyrood Palace

What an honour and certainly a remembered event to join our history books! We all couldn’t believe the news given by our Director Trishna at the staff meeting. The Royals wanted to meet us and hear all about our work, support and response to the pandemic in the last 18 months.

The Duke and Duchess rolled out chapattis with our social enterprise Punjabi junction team and heard all about the hot food provence, spoke with service users of the intimate support they have received, got artsy with members from our Youth Group and enjoyed traditional folks music from our Health and Wellbeing Group.

More coverage of the visit here…




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Sept 13th 2021 – The All Party Parliamentary Group for British Sikhs reception.

Joy Morrissey MP is a vice chair of the APPG which supports and promotes the interests of Sikhs in the UK, works with British Sikhs to celebrate Sikh culture in the UK and ensure full equality for all British Sikhs.

Martin Docherty-Hughes is the SNP MP for Dunbartonshire. 

The reception was hosted by the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, and was held in honour of Jathedar of Akal Takht and Giani Harpreet Singh.


Click HERE for the Address by Martin Docherty-Hughes SNP MP (Dunbartonshire) to parliamentarians & prestigious guests and leaders of the Sikh community

Click HERE for the Address by Joy Morrissey MP to parliamentarians & prestigious guests and leaders of the Sikh community




Sept 2021: The Glasgow Multi-Faith Declaration has been signed by religious leaders & representatives from across Scotland and the UK.

 It is a united voice of faith asking for serious action by Governments & others to address Climate Crisis.

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Oct 4th 2021: EcoSikh represented Sikhs at Vatican Climate Conference (click here for more information)

VATICAN CITY, Oct 4 2021: EcoSikh representing Sikh perspective joined a gathering of 40 religious leaders in the Vatican on the global climate crisis. Influential faith leaders from different parts of the world came together to rally support for major measures to preserve the ecology in the upcoming UN climate conference. “Faith and Science….

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By Rupa Mooker – Director of People & Development with MacRoberts LLP

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Davinder Singh, Advocate
LLM. King’s College London

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** New (11/09) The Edinburgh Interfaith Virtual Peace Walk

The ground breaking video by the Edinburgh Interfaith Association celebrates the rich diversity of our capital city, and unites people from different faith and belief backgrounds together at different places of worship across the city.

“We have chosen to release the video on the 20th anniversary of the commemoration of September 11th to pay our respects to those who have died as a result of terrorism or in political and religious related conflicts and in the hope that through programmes such as the 2021 Peace Walk we can show through religious communities coming together a route to lasting peace.”

Click HERE to watch


Interfaith Insights show featuring Trishna Singh OBE

Interfaith Insights is a weekly programme brought to you by the Edinburgh Interfaith Association. In each programme our hosts, Iain Stewart, Joe Goldblatt and Nasim Azad, will dive into positive news stories from faith communities in response to COVID-19. Each week we will be joined by eminent guests: celebrities, representatives of NGOs and hope-filled projects, artists, musicians, and faith community leaders. Catch up on our previous shows, for more #interfaith inspiration

Sophia Duleep Singh (Princess Sophia)

Now in the running for the UK’s ‘Hidden Heroes’ statue campaign.

A wonderful role model for all Sikh women! – we acknowledged Sophia’s importance in the movement to secure the vote for women in Great Britain. See the excerpt from our 30th anniversary booklet (here)

Also, read the full Tribune India article (here)







Trishna Singh OBE



Sept 2021  – Representing Sikh Sanjog,

Trishna Singh OBE with Preet Kaur Gill MP  inside the Speaker’s chamber.

“We were part of making history!”





























August 2021 – Trishna Singh OBE featured in Creative Lives ’30 for 30′ publication

Creative Lives (formerly Voluntary Arts) celebrates its 30th birthday speaking to 30 people living across the UK and Ireland to find out what they love about being creative…

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