Our Services – for stakeholders and organisations

Cultural insight through increased awareness

Sikh Sanjog can provide specialist advice, insight and education and consultancy services to the public, private and third sectors in order to build knowledge of the Sikh culture within Scottish society. As part of our service we also communicate useful, practical information about cultural diversity in a wider sense that is relevant to your organisation. This work impacts positively on achieving our vision and supports our main charitable objectives.

We can adapt our range of services to meet your organisations needs, mixing and matching different components.

Cultural Awareness – general multi faith introduction Sikhism – principles Punjab history and culture Religion and culture
Cultural Awareness Focus – we are Sikhs Scotland and Sikhism Sikhism and family A focus on festivals, celebrations and calendar
Cultural Awareness Focus – Sikh women, young people and the elderly Young Sikhs Gender based challenges Sikhism and ageing
Cultural Awareness – promoting rights Equality and discrimination – key legislative changes Equality impact assessments – policy/process/scheme – does it stand up to scrutiny Safeguarding – vulnerable people

Cultural Awareness and providing insight are at the heart of all of our sessions, advice and workshops. Depending on the audience we tailor the session/s to suit the needs of the organisation, team or individual. We can help you address particular challenges or simply provide knowledge and information in order to address preconceptions, myths or simply to instil confidence in a strategy or sense check existing understanding.

Who do we work with?

Our services will add value to leaders, senior managers, front line staff, policy makers and students.

Front Line Services Police Prisons Healthcare Professionals/GPs Fire Service Paramedics
Educators Nurseries Schools Universities Colleges HR/Workplace trainers
Government, Service Providers and Business Scottish Government/Local Authorities Housing Organisations Charities Media, festivals, theatres Banks, legal firms, Acountants

Over the years we have;

  • Delivered presentations at universities,
  • Taken active roles in many advisory boards,
  • Provided cultural awareness sessions to schools, Police Scotland, the NHS, Local Authorities and housing providers.
  • Been featured on TV documentaries.

Example Programmes

Cultural Awareness – General Multi Faith Introduction

  • Having the ability to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment is essential to modern day organisations and businesses, whether you employ a diverse team of people, deal with international suppliers, have a wide range of stakeholders or customers or welcome overseas guests to meetings and events.
  • This course highlights some of these differences, explains how to develop your own and your team’s cultural awareness and features several scenario exercises for you to test your knowledge along the way.
  • This cross cultural awareness training is particularly useful for people who work across cultures. It is also well suited to leaders and managers in charge of culturally diverse teams, front line staff and officers or for those people who welcome international visitors to the UK for meetings or events.

 Cultural Awareness Focus – We Are Sikhs

  • This course highlights aspects of Sikhism and will build up awareness of what it means to be Sikh in todays society.
  • For many participants this may be their first interaction with Scottish Sikhs and learning about their faith, history and way of life will enrich their understanding promoting integration and improved relations for now and the future.
  • This specific training is particularly useful for educators who wish to inform and raise awareness and tolerance. It is also well suited to leaders and managers who wish to extend their knowledge of cultural diversity and for front line workers and officers who want to engage in a positive and well informed way with their customers and stakeholders.

Cultural Awareness Focus –Sikh Women – Gender Based Challenges

  • This course focuses on what it means to be a Sikh woman in todays society. Often these women are invisible to the very people that can help them realise their full potential and contribute to our society.
  • Sikh women face particular challenges in their day to day lives in Scotland. These challenges affect the fundamental aspects of their day to day lives – how they raise their families, their education journey, if and where they work, and how they are perceived by those out-with their immediate network.
  • This specific training is particularly useful for policy makers, local service providers, charities and front line officers and professionals who wish to become more aware and better informed of the key factors that can help promote social change for existing and future generations. It is also well suited to leaders and managers who wish to extend their knowledge of cultural diversity.