Our Work

Our users

Sikh Sanjog helps many ‘invisible’ women every year who are facing personal challenges. Whether they need support to integrate fully into Scottish society, advice on education and career possibilities or they require 1-1 counselling services, through our advice, support and encouragement we strive to make sure that we open new doors.

We are here to make sure that the women that come to us, leave with increased confidence, skills and a new and continuing support network that they can trust and rely on. They in turn can then continue to spread the word by being role models.

Our Stakeholders

In order to support our users fully we take very seriously our responsibility to engage and work with community partners and stakeholders.  We must continuously strive to research and discover innovative ways to offer services to our ‘hidden population’ and without the support of our statutory and voluntary services, this would be impossible.  Working in a collaborative way with other like-minded and supportive organisations will help us to achieve our vision and enable Sikh woman and other ethnically and culturally diverse women and their families to access integrated services and employment.

We seek to collaborate across professional, organisational, and cultural boundaries. This will help us problem solve, and will lead to new partnerships and ideas.  We address issues of injustice and inequality and challenge discrimination in all its forms.