Eco Sikh

EcoSikh represented Sikhs at Vatican Climate Conference.


VATICAN CITY, Oct 4 2021: EcoSikh representing Sikh perspective joined a gathering of 40 religious leaders in the Vatican on the global climate crisis. Influential faith leaders from different parts of the world came together to rally support for major measures to preserve the ecology in the upcoming UN climate conference. “Faith and Science: An Appeal for COP26” was hosted at the Vatican by Pope Francis. Dr Rajwant Singh, President of EcoSikh, represented the Sikh community at this event. While addressing the participants he said “The crisis of climate change is the shared concern of whole humanity. It would not spare anybody of its drastic impact based on one’s economic status, the same is true for nations. If one nation sinks, we all sink”. He also sang a hymn written by Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism at the gathering. The words of the Gurbani reverberated the walls of the Vatican “Pavan Guru … “Water is the father, the air is the teacher, and Earth is our common mother”. Dr Singh added, “Just as we don’t dishonour our mother, father, and teacher – why would we dishonour these gifts from our creator?” Many participants appreciated the change EcoSikh is creating by generating awareness at the grassroots level and planting ‘sacred forests’


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