Scottish Government Consultation

The Scottish Government has today (25 August 2023) launched a collection of four consultations on regulations to be made under the Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Act 2016:
Alkaline hydrolysis (an alternative to burial or cremation and sometimes known as water cremation)

Burial (management of burial grounds, application for burial, exhumation, private burial and restoration of lairs)

Inspection of the funeral sector (burial authorities, cremation authorities and funeral directors)

Licensing of funeral directors

All four consultations are available on the Scottish Government’s consultation hub, Citizen Space. The consultations will run for 12 weeks from 25 August 2023 until 17 November 2023.

Your views are important to us and will help to inform the next steps for the regulations. You are welcome to comment on all four consultations or select only the consultation(s) and questions most relevant to you.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Scottish Governments Burial, Cremation, Anatomy and Death Certification Team at