Employment opportunities


At Radiant and Brighter we aim to work with organisations that are working towards a diverse and inclusive workforce. We have supported over 400 people into meaningful employment and have been providing employment support and training for ten years. We have provided Culture, Ethnicity and Antiracism training to several organisations seeking to understand how to engage with communities, diversify their workforce and consider their systems, processes and actions to this end.


We are currently at the forefront of Scotland’s work in workforce diversification and have worked, partnered with and provided training/support to several companies and organisations including; Elevator, Institute of Directors – Scotland, Women’s Enterprise Scotland, Young Scot, Early Years Scotland, Fair Start Scotland, Social Security Scotland and Molke.


We are working with a number of companies seeking to become Antiracist and increase their representation of minoritised groups, If you or anyone you know are looking for a job opportunities in Scotland, please contact us. We provide training and support for migrants, black and brown people and in partnership with employers, create pathways and the best chance to get into employment regardless of background or experience. With over ten years experience working in the employment sector, Radiant and Brighter is one of if not the most reputable and well placed organisations with lived and learned experience, able to provide services to ensure employers are tapping into the unlocked potential within minoritised groups in the Scotland.


Whether you have very little experience of working in the UK, are looking for a career change, have lost your confidence in the system (and/or yourself) or possess vast experience and are looking to progress, do not hesitate to contact us. We are currently looking to fill some roles available in Scotland’s ecosystem.


Here are some job opportunities currently available;






If you or anyone you know are interested in the opportunities above, please email michealmatovu@radiantandbrighter.com and we will support you through the process.



























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