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Handy resources for all you need to know about the Vaccine and Covid-19


February 2022: Testing/Vaccination

Edinburgh COVID-19 testing sites and vaccination clinic locations
for week beginning 21st February 2022

All Edinburgh COVID testing/Vaccination sites (Click)

Click the link for ALL sites for ALL age groups

January 2022: Mental health

The coronavirus pandemic has been going on for a while now. Daily life has changed for all of us in Scotland and it can feel worrying, lonely and uncertain. It’s natural to not feel yourself.

Please click here for the NHS video on looking after your mental health this winter:

December 2021: New NHS information slides on Covid-19 Vaccine and pregnancy



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We must all work together to stop the spread of coronavirus this winter. To help everyone stay safe this winter we have produced ‘Living Safely this Winter’ Resources – click here






November 2021: Information on long Covid (newly updated with Punjabi script)

Click Here






November 2021: Important Covid-19 vaccination update:

If you have been invited for a third vaccine dose (for further info see: HERE)

You can also receive this third dose at ANY of the following NHS Lothian vaccine centers HERE <–

      *If you have NOT received an appointment and think you’ve been missed, contact your clinician or GP to discuss whether you should get a third dose.






In some cases, you can have a free Covid-19 test kit sent to your home.

(If eligible, you DO need a working email address to order a free home-testing kit)

For guidance on coronavirus testing, including your eligibility for a free home test, how to get tested & the different types of tests availableclick Here




NHS Lothian vaccine hub website – Click Here





International travel & the vaccine

The Vaccine

Invitations and appointments