Sikh Sanjog

We are Celebrating 30 years of Sikh Sanjog with a variety of Events during the year. Make sure you check our Facebook page and Twitter for up to date information

30 years ago, in the kitchen of an office block in Edinburgh, you would have found a group of Sikh women.  That was the start of Sikh Sanjog. Our name is unique and different, it is a real attribute in today’s world where the focus is on building strong partnerships and creating links. ‘Sanjog’ is Punjabi for ‘links’.

We work with passion and determination every day to empower marginalised women, to give them the help they need to boost their confidence and skills so they can realise their full potential.

Sikh Sanjog helps many ‘invisible’ women every year who are facing personal challenges.  Whether they need support to integrate fully into Scottish society, advice on education and career possibilities or they require 1-1 counselling services, through our advice, support and encouragement we strive to make sure that we open new doors.

We are here to make sure that the women that come to us, leave with increased confidence, skills and a new and continuing support network that they can trust and rely on. They in turn can then continue to spread the word by being role models.

Confidential Conversation ~ No matter how big or how small the issue, call us on 0131 553 4737 for help, support or advice.

Human Trafficking –  Article by Third Force News

Pictures from out team completing the Kilt Walk raising funds for Sikh Sanjog