Guru Nanak

Allegory: A tapestry of Guru Nanak’s travels

24 Episode docu-series



Episode 14: Setu Bandh

Bridge of Transition

Metaphoric expositions for a transition from negativity to positivity are expounded by Guru Nanak at ‘Setu Bandh’.





Episode 13: Villipunarvn

Call for Awareness

An everlasting panacea for universal well-being is transmitted by Guru Nanak in the land of ‘Panch Bhoota Sthalam’.






Episode 12: Shrishti


In awe of the Creator’s creation, Guru Nanak composes the cosmic anthem at ‘Utkal’.





Episode 11: Aham Tvam

I am You

Seeing no strangers, Guru Nanak in his unwavering spirit of monism befriends the ‘Nagas’






 Episode 10: Gabhira


In-depth foresight to enable decisions for impactful actions are presented by Guru Nanak in the city of ‘Dhakeshwari’.






Episode 9: Sampajanna

Clear Comprehension

In ‘Magadh’, Guru Nanak puts forward his thoughts to the agnostics who neither accepted nor negated the existence of the Omnipresent.





Episode 8: Adikaar

Entitlement : click here for episode 8

Guru Nanak raises his voice against inequalities in the oldest continually inhabited city where the River Ganga makes a U-turn.






Episode 7: Agochar

Click here for episode 7: A call for awareness







Episode 6: Paheli

Click here for episode 6: veiled message

In the city which cannot be ‘conquered by righteousness’, Guru Nanak induces critical thinking through exemplary cues


Episode 5: Tatvagyan

Click here for episode 5: “Essence of Knowledge”

Insightful dialogues of Guru Nanak with the ‘Kanphata Jogis’, the split eared ascetics at ‘Gorakhmatta’



Paschimi Surya Uday

Click here for Episode 4: Sunrise in the West

Guru Nanak evokes rationality in ‘Uttarkaushal’ to awaken the mind from the slumber of ignorance.





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