Youth Worker

Job Description

Youth Work Coordinator



1. General Information Job Title: Youth Work Coordinator

Hours: 14 per week

Salary: £24,000 per annum (pro rata)

Location: Sikh Sanjog, 17a Graham Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5QN

Reporting to: Youth Work Co-ordinator

Apply with cover letter and CV to: before 30th June 2022


2. Organisational Information

Sikh Sanjog is a local charity which aims to provide a range of quality opportunities for Sikh and other Ethnically and Culturally diverse women and their families which reflect their educational, recreational, cultural and social needs recognizing the potential for lifelong learning and social inclusion. Through a combination of community work, youth work and our Social Enterprise Community Café we aim to address the unmet needs of this group.


3. The Role


You will work within a team whose role is to develop and deliver youth work programmes for Young People aged 5 -25. The delivery will take place in informal youth work environments, the local community, schools and events off site in the surrounding areas such as Leisure centres, government guidance permitting. This is a challenging, but highly rewarding job, which will allow you to make a real difference to the lives of young people.


4. Job Scope














5. Key Duties