Outreach Worker

Job Description

Outreach Worker



General Information Job Title: Outreach Worker

Hours: 14

Salary: £10.50 per hour

Location: Sikh Sanjog, 17a Graham Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5QN

Reporting to: Office Manager/Director


Organisational Information

Sikh Sanjog is a local charity which aims to provide a range of quality opportunities for Sikh and other ethnically and culturally diverse women and their families which reflect their educational, recreational, cultural and social needs recognizing the potential for lifelong learning and social inclusion. Through a combination of community work, youth work and our Social Enterprise Community Café we aim to address the unmet needs of this group.


The Role


The post-holder will be responsible for delivering support services for women and families in the Edinburgh area and beyond who are experiencing hardship, challenging situations and who feel socially excluded. The post-holder will be required to work across the different functions of the service including initial assessment, short and long term support and text/email support.


Scope of the Role:


· Dealing with referrals from various sources.

· Providing support through one to one meetings and other communication methods e.g. email/phone/text.

· Supporting service users with practical tasks eg. form filling and contact with various organisations who deal with housing support, benefit support, food support and similar.

· Assessing service users eligibility for services.

· Keeping detailed records and case notes of action plans for service users and subsequent outcomes.


· Working effectively with other organisations including the DWP, local authority and other voluntary sector groups and providers.

· Working effectively within the internal team advising line manager of progress with ongoing cases.

· Attending internal and external meetings as required.

· Utilising language and interpreting skills as required.



· Adhering to all relevant legislation and organisational policies including child and adult protection procedures, health and safety and lone working.

· Keeping up to date with any legislative changes in respect of services provided.

· Being Bi lingual would be an asset.