Kirndeep Kaur

A graduate of Law, Kirndeep is now currently studying for a masters in Human Rights Law. She has previously worked at Human rights organisations, furthering her passion for human rights. In particular, Kirndeep has a strong passion for women’s rights and ensuring that they are upheld across communities and cultures. As a Scottish Sikh, Kirndeep is very proud of her heritage and regularly campaigns on human rights issues affecting the Sikh community within Scotland.

Kirndeep first joined Sikh Sanjog after witnessing the outstanding work that the charity achieves. The right of women to live full and meaningful lives of their choice and ensuring that they are given the equal opportunities as their male counterparts has been an issue very close her heart. Kirndeep hopes that her work at Sikh Sanjog will allow her to contribute to narrowing the gap in her community.