Covid-19 Information Events

10th June – Covid Vaccine Webinar (2/3)

Click here to watch Kamalyn Kaur Psychotherapist & Mindset Coach. As we focus on the impact on menatl health of the the pandemic on Young people from BAME communities.



11th May – A COVID-19 Vaccine Seminar with Professor Eleanor Riley & Dr Carey Lunan

Click here to view EVOC’s Covid-19 Webinar for a conversation about COVID-19 vaccines and the vaccination programme in Scotland, with a focus on addressing vaccine hesitancy and supporting vulnerable communities.

Hear directly from both an expert in the field of immunology and infectious diseases – Professor Eleanor Riley and a GP involved in the in-person delivery of the vaccine programme – Dr Carey Lunan. The seminar includes a Q&A.

26th March – Covid-19 Vaccine Webinar (1/3)

Click here to watch Dr Inderjit Singh and Dr Veena Dhillon discuss your questions and concerns on the Covid-19 vaccines.

Click here for more information on this webinar and the panellists!