Youth Provision


We aim to create a portfolio of support for ethically and culturally diverse young people and families. The objective is for them to feel safe to explore their choices and to gain confidence to speak up for themselves, to gain respect and avoid negative discrimination. Our work highlights many developmental themes, inclusion, personal development, citizenship, health and wellbeing and equal opportunities. The Youth Provision ensure that all of our programmes are structured around the Government’s agendas and policies, including ‘Getting it right For Every Child’ and the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’. The welfare of our children is always our starting point.

We are extremely proud of our partnership with secondary schools and The Duke of Edinburgh. khaleda 9These collaborations provide a gateway for us to engage with hard to reach young people in Edinburgh who may not be accessing extra curricular activities due to cultural differences. The nationally recognised awards, together with developing experiences and trusting relationships are beneficial through transitional periods of their lives.