The Sikh Sanjog Therapy Service addresses other issues that come to light during our employability work, such as mental health problems and domestic abuse. It is for women from BME backgrounds who are needing therapeutic support in helping them cope with the struggles they may be facing in life. It is a confidential service and provides a safe space for 1:1 support and group work.
The 1:1 sessions begin with a consultation to assess what the client’s needs are and then a combination of counselling, coaching, energy an100_0587d bodywork (KCR) is then scheduled.
The group work consists of meeting once a week to experience and learn different ways to improve health and wellbeing. The classes are fun, supportive and informative. Each week a new topic is covered and each class ends with meditation and healthy snacks.
A referral request to access this service can be made directly or from health professionals and other organisations.
If you would like further information please email