Helen Campbell – Social Enterprise Business Development Advisor

Having gained a BA Hons in Hospitality and Food Management and an HND in Professional Culinary Arts, Helen has pursued a broad and varied career within the food and drink sector for 17years. This has included product and food development, marketing, procurement, operational management and work within the third sector.  Subsequently Helen completed a Post Graduate degree in Food Technology Education and has delivered food and business education up to FE and advanced level in England and Scotland.

Helen is currently studying an MSc in Gastronomy at Queen Margret University which examines food systems, culture, politics and communications. She also teaches as well as delivering consultancy projects in the food and drink sector. It is during the MSc that Helen became involved with Sikh Sanjog having met Trishna during a visit looking a migrant food culture and local and traditional food systems. Trishna initially contacted Helen to discuss Punjabi Junction and the development of the offer and the operation. Having met Trishna and heard her talk of the achievements and ongoing aspirations for Sikh Sanjog, Helen was delighted when she was subsequently invited to be the Business Development Advisor for the Punjabi Junction